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We're a specialist Deep Learning company helping clients solve their most complex business problems. Discover Nova IQ

what we do

We are a deep learning solutions company that helps you solve your most complex business problems with AI. Employing problem-centered workshops, solution accelerators, industry partnerships, and best-in-class agile delivery teams, we make enterprise AI quick and simple for you.

what we do
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Service Offerings

We cater to a spectrum of client needs based on their AI maturity. Using our implementation framework, dAIquiri, we assist you on your AI journey.

Our Service Offerings

Our Approach

We will help you build your own AI business roadmap by assessing your most impactful business use cases, data readiness, and AI model requirements.

Our Approach


We work with clients across different industries that are looking to embark on or accelerate their AI journey.

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Directly from our team of experts, our insights highlight challenges, trends, and solutions to help businesses leverage emerging technologies.