Our Clients

We work with clients across different industries that are looking to embark on or accelerate their AI journey.

  • Banking & Financial Services

    Banking & Financial Services

    We deliver AI and Machine Learning Platforms that helps banks and financial services exploit the power of their data and processes. With our domain expertise in Prime Brokerage, Wealth Management, Sales & Trading and Retail Banking, we power the innovation teams and business leaders with our strong product and platform engineering capabilities using open sources technologies as enablers.
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  • Life Sciences & Healthcare

    Life Sciences & Healthcare

    AI and Machine Learning solutions offer exciting opportunities for the capital expenditure and data-rich Life Sciences & Health Care industry. nova IQ helps by building predictive capabilities and augmented intelligence through the transformative power of Enterprise AI.
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  • Supply Chain & Logistics

    Supply Chain & Logistics

    Through the power of Enterprise AI, we help build more intelligent supply chains and streamline business operations. Using our framework and accelerators, we make it possible for our clients to reduce their time-to-market and confidently leap into the future.
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