Patients at Heart: The Way Forward!

In the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry, the digital transformation paradigm shift has brought the patient to the center of the value chain. This change has created the need for a closed-loop interaction between several parties, including Health Care Providers (HCP), the Medical Science Liaison (MSL), and the Sales and Marketing teams. At the same time, AI and Machine Learning are poised to disrupt important parts of this industry, including logistics supply chains, drug research, and regulatory processes. These technologies are just now taking the center stage, helping organizations gain market share and stay competitive.

In a heavily regulated industry where data privacy is critical, black box solutions are not viewed as favorably as bespoke platforms. Both AI and Machine Learning have shown the potential to impact every aspect of business in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry.

As a specialist AI services company, nova IQ is well-positioned to serve as an extension of in-house innovation and technology teams, or as a trusted engineering partner to help reimagine your business with AI and Machine Learning. We have built solution accelerators that can demonstrate immediate business impact in the following use cases:

  • Image Classification for disease evaluation and drug discovery
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Virtual assistant for various functions

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