Operational Excellence Until The Last Mile

Manufacturing and Logistics and is heavily dependent on a business’ ability to maintain exacting standards of operational excellence. Given the data-rich signature often trapped in functional silos and the multitude of actors in each building block of the supply chain, this is an industry best positioned to take advantage of AI. Leaders in this industry are now quite aware of the benefits AI and machine learning can have on back-office consolidation, report and process reconciliation, implementation of smart contracts, and customer data analysis.

As a service company, nova IQ is well-positioned to serve as an extension of in-house innovation and technology teams or as a trusted engineering partner to help reimagine your business with AI. We have built solution accelerators that can demonstrate immediate business impact in the following use cases:

  • Streamlining Manufacturing Operations
  • Network design and planning
  • Enhancements in service levels
  • Enhancements in customer retention
  • Improvement in customer profitability
  • Reduction of fixed costs and creating greater operating leverage for the business