Reimaging the Consumer Relationship!

Artificial Intelligence is making a huge impact on the retail industry.  Retailers are using the transformational power of AI and ML to forge new customer experiences and relationships through all communication channels. AI is helping retailers discover new patterns and links in customer data which were not immediately apparent. These discoveries are driving increased, rapid innovation in customer engagement and retention models.

AI is radically changing the way retailers communicate in real-time with their customers. Chatbots, real-time location data from edge devices, customer preferences, and sentiment are only a few areas where AI is enriching the symbiotic connection between the customer and retailer.

As a deep learning services company, nova IQ is well-positioned to serve as a trusted AI engineering partner or as an extension of in-house innovation and technology teams in transforming these datasets and creating algorithms for the retailer to enhance their relationships with their customers.

We have built AI and data solution accelerators for Retail that can demonstrate immediate business impact:

  • Customer Experience & Recommendations
  • Sales and CRM Applications
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics and Delivery
  • Payments and Payment Services

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