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AI in Trade Reconciliation
For a large financial services firm that does hundreds of thousands of trades a day, AI can be of enormous benefit.
Significance of Labeled Data in Training AI Models
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being adopted at an accelerating pace, and is poised to have a staggering impact on the world. The AI models being used are backed by sophisticated algorithms which make the difficult look easy. But the algorithms and models can only do their jobs well with the help of high-quality labeled data.
AI in Text Summarization
The applications of text summarization will have many uses in so many areas of business.
The Right Business Use Cases
The Right Business Use Cases – Make or Break Your AI Platform Implementation Success
nova IQ Blog is Live!
nova IQ is pleased to feature our company blog
Enterprise AI – Building Systems of Intuition
AI platforms are inductive systems that learn from past experiences. They are “Systems of Intuition” that build their own reasoning through learning and exhibit human-like capabilities for a very narrow set of outcomes. This wave of AI is different because it has all the characteristics of a “General Purpose Technology” (GPT). Such technologies re-shape the entire socio-economic structure as they span across the global economy.
Building An AI-Based Risk Computation Engine
An approach for using AI-based systems (deep neural networks) for Credit Risk management through efficient margin and Limit management using an intelligent Value at Risk (VaR) computation engine as opposed to traditional IT applications employing Monte Carlo simulations with simplifying assumptions.
Consuming Intelligence
An approach to implement artificial intelligence (AI) at the enterprise scale using AI Ops for ML and AI models