Enterprise AI

AI has already been dubbed the “4th Industrial revolution.” With computational and storage resources — as well as large bodies of useful data — more accessible than ever, AI promises to transform nearly every industry in a big way. Today, organizations need help to re-imagine their business under the AI lens and to create a new foundation for augmented capacity. And though we are still far off from creating the do-it-all AI of sci-fi literature and cinema, the potential of narrow AI models for solving specific business problems is endless and exciting.

Our AI Capabilities

Leveraging dAIquiri, our five-pillar AI implementation approach that includes a combination of business consulting and engineering principles, we identify high ROI use cases, build implementation roadmaps, prepare data, prove algorithm efficacy, and build enterprise scale AI platforms on fault tolerant and lightweight infrastructures.

Business Impact of Enterprise AI

  • Augment

    human capability as an expert advisor

  • Eliminate

    repetitive activities and work that is dangerous for humans

  • Personalize

    by learning from past data about specific client preferences

  • Mitigate

    risk by reducing human bias

  • Optimize

    on cost with a better handle on human and machine resource allocation

  • Automate

    heavily through AI enabled autonomous actions

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Related Insights

Directly from our team of experts, our insights highlight challenges, trends, and solutions to help businesses leverage emerging technologies.
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