Big Data for AI


Today, data is everywhere. We have it in huge volume and in all forms, from videos and web logs, to IOT sensor data and data from enterprise collaboration applications like CRM’s. Fortunately, we also have the infrastructure in place, like Hadoop Distributed Storage, to house and manipulate Big Data such as this. It’s the advent of Big Data, and the easy access to affordable computational and storage resources on cloud has made the AI journey possible. In today’s market, enterprises that are profitable and enjoy larger market shares are those that have got their Big Data and analytics playbook right.

Our Big Data & Analytics Capabilities

Big Data is a business architecture-led initiative aimed at the monetization of enterprise data. With our expertise in architecting and building big data platforms, we help businesses accelerate their data journeys, especially as they move towards building their own AI capabilities.

Big Data for Competitive Advantage using AI

  • Bestows

    the capability to mine huge data sets and uncover dark data

  • Allows

    for building of an intelligent enterprise built with AI-based applications

  • Leads

    to a data-driven organization that can quickly respond to market forces

  • Uncovers

    new customer segments, business models and personalization opportunities

  • Builds

    the capabilities needed to monetize enterprise data

  • Steers

    the organization towards more robust actions based on augmented intelligence