Blockchain promises to bring about exponential digital transformation through automation of back-office business processes that deplete efficiencies and hamper trust and productivity. Blockchain has a clear business value in areas like Supply Chain Management, Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare and Government to name a few. It is a secure platform that assures provenance, lowers risk and increases transparency. It can validate authenticity and carry out real-time reconciliation of records throughout the network. Practically every industry business model is poised for disruption through blockchain and the future is slowly unfolding.

Our Blockchain Capabilities

We have extensive expertise in digital transformation using open source technologies, microservices and cloud architecture, all of which are essential building blocks for implementing an enterprise-grade Blockchain platform. By use of Mimosa, our Blockchain Platform Implementation framework, the team at nova IQ created CertusLedger, a multi-node permissioned Blockchain used as an “Efficacy Demonstrator,” to help businesses envision their own Blockchain platform.

Business Impact of Blockchain

  • Eliminate

    back office redundancy by creating a "single source of truth"

  • Assured

    security through encrypted communication and cryptographic hash

  • Increase

    transparency through a shared digital ledger

  • Reduce

    risk due to documents, transactions, and data tampering

  • Optimize

    costs by creating a leaner back office and eliminating intermediaries

  • Maintain

    provenance that forms the backbone of ingrained trust