Our AI and Blockchain Accelerators

Accelerators with AI & Machine Learning

  • Deep Neural Network based Customer Interaction & Customer Loyalty Platform
  • Deep Neural Network Based Self Governing Intelligent Infrastructure Platform
  • Deep Neural Network Based Goal Oriented Optimization and Natural Language Processing Platform


Accelerator with Blockchain

CertusLedger is a multi-node, permissioned Blockchain platform developed in-house using open-source technologies. It serves as an “Efficacy Demonstrator” to guide business stakeholders through the end-to-end enterprise Blockchain journey. It is also a canvas for accelerating the envisioning process for your specific business use cases.

Using Accelerators to Supercharge Your Business Vision

  • Reusable

    code base from end-to-end

  • Deployment-Friendly

    microservice architecture supports both Cloud and on-premise resources with fault tolerance and security

  • Adaptible

    to an Agile delivery model, with high level epics and platform backlog

  • Reduces

    risk during implementation by providing a proven reference architecture

  • Optimizes

    cost by providing clarity on development and implementation

  • Business Focus

    with faster time-to-market and increased competitive advantage