Our AI and Blockchain Frameworks


Implementing enterprise-scale AI for extracting business value is a team effort, and it’s not just about data science alone. dAIquiri is our five-step integrated AI platform implementation framework that helps you chart an AI roadmap in a painless and cost-effective manner. The cornerstone of the dAIquiri approach is the focus on the business impact of a pervasive intelligence within the different business and technology arms of your business, while also masking the complexity of the mathematical models and the associated plumbing.



We have been working diligently to build a Blockchain prototype and solution framework, and have come up with a practical approach to help businesses embark on their Blockchain journey faster and with confidence. Mimosa is our integrated Blockchain framework; a  4-step approach that helps businesses get started without any of the vendor lock-in that typically begins with a Business Value-Chain Assessment.

Using Frameworks to build Organizational Muscle

  • Integrated

    end-to-end framework

  • Scalable

    framework for the enterprise

  • Replicable

    across different lines of business

  • Reduces Risk

    during implementation due to a structured approach

  • Optimizes

    on cost with a better handle on implementation

  • Business Focus

    with faster time to market and increased competitive advantage